Slide Out Light Bar

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To see the light bar in action, click the link.

Smith Richards Inc.'s Slide-Out Lighting System 

It was first unveiled as a slide out light designed for the exteriors of RV's.  We intended this product as an exterior lighting system that was bright enough to read the news paper, play cards, or work on your favorite toy.  Mounted in the wall, under the standard awning or mounted on the rear of toy haulers and fifth wheels we intend to provide much needed luminance.  In addition to the brightness (approximately 850 Lumens per box) we offer the ability to dim and switch between amber and white light.  Additional features in development include LEDs that meet or exceed the light output of the Halogen yet, consume significantly less amperage.  The modular design makes this light weight system optimal for small or large RV/Camper Models.  The pocket depth is currently 10.50 inches with a current height of 3 inches.  The modular design provides an option for the over all length to vary as follows: 

1 Light  ---  Length:  10.50 Inches                          
2 Light  ---  Length:  16.50 Inches
3 Light  ---  Length:  22.75 Inches
4 Light  ---  Length:  28.75 Inches
5 Light  ---  Length:  34.75 Inches
6 Light  ---  Length:  41.00 Inches
7 Light  ---  Length:  47.00 Inches
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